Get your business right with the groundbreaking single dashboard.

Perfectly curated turnkey solution for businesses to garner revolutionary results by transforming workflows for optimal content reuse and multi-channel publishing.


Your Website’s HQ

Single source of truth and action for your website’s growth.

Headless CMS

Create and publish blogs, products, and dynamic content of Your website.

CX Manager

Create and manage users, leads, landing pages, chatbots, and campaigns.


Get overview of organic and paid traffic from Blogs, search, and campaigns.

United By Passion, Tranforming Businesses

Serve your customer’s journey, optimizing every touchpoint for convenience and delight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve all got questions, a lot of them. Here's a few you might have-

1. Will Apric work with my existing website?

Absolutely Yes! Apric is headless which means you can use it with all websites make in Wordpress, Webflow, Framer and any other website builder! It works for custom websites as well!

2. Can I send emails to my visitors?

Apric lets your manage website vistors from campaigns, newsletter subscribers, chatbot leads from 1 centre of action. You can use it to send emails, newsletters and updates.

3. Can I integrate Google Analytics?

Apric lets you view all your anaytics data from all sources at one place. After all its your website’s HQ Integrate Clarity, Google Analytics and all other leading analytics for an overview.