March 28, 2022 • 5 minutes read

Apric Web as a better alternative to Beacons!

Apric Web is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to turn their dreams into profitable brands. Through a deep-rooted focus on customer experiences, Apric Web brings your audience under a canopy to help you align your goals with your values efficiently, all under one roof.

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Well, there is no doubt that Link-in-bio tools have revolutionized the way creators communicate with their audiences. If you type Link-in-bio on a search engine, you will get a plethora of options to choose from. There are many link-in-bio tools available in the market but are they efficient and aligned with your goals? That’s a question we will answer today.

If you are not aware, we have a series comparing top cats in the Link-in-bio category to Apric Web. Why you may ask? Well, we have put our heart and soul into perfecting the best solution in the market for any creator with Apric Web. Coming to the comparison, I am sure if you are in the research phase, you may have heard about beacons, Linktree and other such link-in-bio tools, well you are in luck today as we will be establishing how Apric Web is the better alternative for you than beacons.

1) Custom Loader Design

During the conception stage for Apric Web, we had one ideology - To help brands resonate with their audience by providing a platform that gives the creator full creative control. Through our research, we found out that the majority of link-in-bio tools lacked that aspect. Providing our audience with a custom loader design that could resonate with their branding was of prime importance to us, something that almost all link-in-bio tools lack, including beacons.

2) Preview before Publish

After interacting with a cluster of different creators, we quickly realized that it is not all glam behind the scenes. In fact, a lot of creators mentioned the agony of publishing something and later on finding a minuscule mistake. To a normal person, this mistake can be overlooked but to professionals and brands, it can lead to major losses. Hence, We at Apric Web made sure our users can preview before they publish so they can have a comprehensive look at what they are going to publish. Beacons and other such link-in-bio tools lack this important feature.

3) Easy-to-use share button

The easy-to-use share button is another such feature that beacons lacks. As whimsical as it may sound, it is very important for creators to share their stuff with their audience. With Apric Web, you can be assured that your links will be shared with ease.

4) Size control for all elements

As we mentioned above, with Apric Web you need not worry about your creative control. We make sure that you can control the size of all elements to establish your branding in a way that resonates best with your audience. Beacons and other such link-in-bio tools unfortunately do not offer this feature.

5) Social Icons Customization

To add an edge and a sense of uniqueness to your profile, it is important to exude this feature wherein you can customize your social icons as per your liking. Unlike beacons, we offer this feature along with loads of other exciting features that will ensure your growth as a creator.

6) No Outrageous Self-branding

Apric Web believes in a humble journey and hence, we allow our product to speak for itself rather than outrageously branding ourselves to the masses. We do like to once in a while throw in a pun or two but hey! As long as our product roars, it does not matter how silent we brand. Like burger king once said, “ Why eat with a clown when you can dine with the king?”

Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!! Launch your link within 5 minutes.

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