March 28, 2022 • 5 minutes read

How is Apric Web a better solution for you than Linktree?

With multitudes of innovation around the globe as we speak, the industry is booming with new products on the block. One such revolutionary innovation is Apric Web. Unlike Linktree, we encompass a vision for the creators of today to grow to their full potential rather than an approach that limits them to just house all links under one link.

So, what is the major difference between Linktree and Apric Web?

Both the tools give you a platform to house your links but Apric Web lets you do so much more! Read on to explore why Apric Web is the best choice for you.

Elevate your content creation journey with the Creators’ Haven!
1) Rich and easy-to-use Editor Panel.

Unlike Linktree, Apric Web features a unique and rich editor panel that is carefully designed to enhance your user experience.Not only do you have full creative control, but you also get to customize your profile in a way that imitates your branding. Bid adieu to boring panels,welcome to unlimited creativity!

2) Background & Button Customizer.

For all linktree users, we do not want to rain on your parade but we offer background and button customizations for free!! Linktree does have this feature but only if you go ahead with the pro plan. At Apric Web, we believe every creator deserves to shine fully to their potential, and hence, we offer a certain level of necessary customization that is important for users, free of cost.

3) Access to all Fonts.

We still remember when one of our users wrote us an email on how elated she was to find a link-in-bio tool that fosters all fonts. Well, we get it. Every brand has a particular font that its audience resonates with. Linktree, unfortunately, does not come with that feature but with Apric Web, you can be assured that your branding will not be compromised in any way, shape, or form.

4) Size control for all elements.

At the creative haven, you need not worry about the limits to creativity as we believe in unleashing the inner artist in you. We believe the user should be in charge of all customizations and henceforth, we have given the option for the user to decide the sizing for each element as per their standards. Linktree unfortunately does not possess that feature yet!

5) Cross-device link previewer.

As a company with expertise in the realm of device compatibility, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of a cross-device link previewer for creators. Although we have noticed that not many link-in-bio tools utilize this feature, including Linktree. We however ensure that all our users can preview links on any type of device, be it a mobile phone or a web browser.

6) Preview before you publish.

One of the main reasons people shift from Linktree to other link-in-bio tools is that it lacks the preview before you publish option. Creators with massive fan followings cannot afford to wait till they publish their profile as one little mistake could lead to a major loss. Apric Web lets users preview their final work before they are ready to publish. This keeps users at ease knowing that there is no discrepancy in what they need to put out to the world.

Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!! Launch your link within 5 minutes.

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