Sep 21, 2022 • 5 min read

Headless CMS Myths Debunked - 2022 Edition

You must have heard of absurd things like “You can’t go swimming right after you eat” or “It takes 7 years for your body to digest gum”. As much as it freaked us out when we were kids, it is surely something we look back and laugh at now.

The other day I watched a documentary on why myths and superstitions are so deep-rooted in our psyche that we can’t seem to let go of our preconceived notions of things. Well, it is because we have heard them time and time again - through our mentors, parents, grandparents, peers, and people we TRUST.

Debunking Myths gives us a sense of clarity.

Our research team came to us with an unusual conclusion that elucidated that even though Marketers and Entrepreneurs agree that a tool like CMS that can deliver content across all touchpoints is a boon to the industry. They are rather reluctant to opt for a Headless CMS due to some misconceptions they have.

Unfortunately, misconceptions surrounding certain tools keep people away from exploring the sensational advantages they offer. Although Headless CMS is not a new concept, it may be one that people may be a little skeptical to try due to the myths associated with it.

This prompted us to break the stereotype into smithereens and give a whole new perspective to people on how Headless Content Management Systems is one of the best content creation and distribution tools available to marketers and entrepreneurs.

Myth 1: Headless CMS is not a good fit for Marketing Teams.

Truth: It makes the Marketing Team’s work 100 times easier and faster

Some folks think that Headless CMS was conceived and designed solely for designers and developers. This is truly far from the truth. On the contrary, Headless CMS has made marketing efforts more in line, faster, and streamlined by eliminating the template overhead. This ensures that marketing teams can work independently and do not need to contact a developer for minuscule changes.

My personal advice to people who think this would be to thoroughly research the presentation options for a headless CMS that you have in mind.

In this era, almost all tools offer an array of presentation options that give total creative control to marketers.

Myth 2: Headless CMS does not allow you to preview content.

Truth: Content preview is INSTANT in a Headless CMS.

Upon talking to one of the top cats in the software ecosystem, I was baffled to hear him say “Oh, I would not recommend a Headless CMS solely due to the fact that it does not give you the provision to preview content.”

Today, almost all next-generation Headless CMS offers you the ease to preview content before publishing. I would agree that there are a few in the market that does not offer this functionality but we can not stereotype the entire Headless CMS landscape on the basis of a few products that do not offer the functionality.

Trust me, Content Preview is basic functionality and headless CMS allows you to preview the changes instantly as well

Myth 3: Headless CMS will cost a lot of money.

Truth: Headless CMS actually saves you money.

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions associated with Headless CMS. The myth that Headless CMS is more expensive for companies than traditional or full-stack CMS comes from the idea that headless CMS is a rather complex process.

In reality, a Headless CMS will save you heaps of money when it comes to developing and maintaining your website. How you may ask?

  • Less licensing formalities
  • No hardware = No infrastructure expenditure
  • More growth potential

Along with the lesser development costs, it also provides a comprehensive, more personalized experience so your CMS can grow and scale with your company.

Myth 4: A Headless CMS limits your creative control.

Truth: Headless CMS gives you all the creative liberty in the world!

With a content-first approach, Users have full creative control over their content, be it in terms of publishing or editing with a Headless CMS. You can easily leverage customization functionality while simultaneously delivering content that is responsive to people.

When switched to Headless CMS, 35% percent of marketers have felt a better user experience, and 43% think they are less reliant on IT. ( Source -Click here)

Myth 5: Headless CMS is just another developer tool and not an enterprise-level solution.

Truth: In 2019, the large enterprise's segment accounted for a larger market share for Headless CMS - Source (Click here)

There is a misconception that because Headless CMS does not offer WYSIWYG editors, it is not an enterprise-level solution. If you ask me, this myth was probably crafted by someone who uses a traditional CMS and is too afraid to take a leap into Headless CMS in fear that he may have to start from scratch.

You do not have to start from scratch. In fact, A headless CMS enables you to layer content over tools, enabling integrations that offer users the control and flexibility to connect it to their current technology stack.

The next-generation Headless CMS offers a plethora of functionalities for users, eliminating all the technical roadblocks and focussing on the overall user experience.

By offering personalized workflows and effortless integrations, it is a surefire product in the industries and Enterprises love it!!

Myth 6: The only benefit of Headless CMS is the increase in website speed.

Truth: It is one of the key features but it comes with an equally competent list of benefits.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Let’s you create and distribute content across all verticals
  3. Responsive Outputs
  4. High-traffic support
  5. No threat of data breach
  6. Enhanced compatibility
  7. Extremely user-friendly, etc.

If you use a traditional CMS, switching over to a headless CMS will reap so many benefits for you in ways you couldn't have imagined. Although not all kinds of Headless CMS available in the market offer the same functionalities, if you do your research, you will come across one that aligns with your brand values and offerings. Here is our blog on the best ones:

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Myth 7: It is just a trend and will go away in a breeze!

Truth: Headless CMS Software Market was valued at US$ 328.5 million in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 1,628.6 million by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.6% from 2020 to 2027. - Source (Click here)

Absolutely not!

A traditional CMS can only go so far in terms of technical compatibility. Let us take an example of an IoT-enabled device. It will not be able to run smoothly on a traditional CMS stack as it would not support an omnichannel experience, this can only be done by a headless CMS.

We live in an era where IoT is taking over and in this day and age, nothing can replace the need for a robust Headless CMS.

Check out our blog to know the Market Predictions and Statistics about Headless CMS and how huge the demand is going to be in the future.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Is Headless CMS a good solution for us all?

Yes, a hundred times yes!

A Headless CMS is a great option if you are looking to grow your brand at a fast pace and with almost zero maintenance costs! It can guide your efforts to where your audience is and offer a great competitive edge while smoothing the workflow as well!

Have any questions about Headless Content Management Systems? Think we missed something? Drop us a DM on Instagram @apricweb and make sure to check out our array of informative and fun blogs.