March 28, 2022 • 5 minutes read

How can you make your dealership business more efficient?

Running a dealership business can be a double-edged sword, you may think you have got it all covered but one slight oversight can cause havoc. We at Apric understand how nerve-wracking it can be to organize and strategize plans. As businesses, our customers are our pride and stature that is why it is essential to keep everything in check to avoid mismanagement. Well, that is the reason why business owners, especially logistics, transportation, automobile and other business owners have an indispensable need of adopting a DMS- Dealership Management Software. What is a DMS you may ask? Well, DMS contains features managing the finance, inventory, pre-sales, sales, after-sales, CRM, purchasing, and administrative elements of a business. In layman language, it makes it easy for brands to administer multiple dealers and manage the day-to-day operations effectively.

A DMS is an essential element in the supply chain landscape as the entire customer journey embarks on prominence. It gained immense popularity back in the 90’s and continues to grow to this day. If you dig deep into the industry, you will notice most industries heavily depend on DMS. Interesting right?

If you are thinking of incorporating DMS into your business, you should know the ins and outs of it. First and foremost, The technology integrates the knowledge of daily use from front-line staff with the efficiency of database specialists. Let us give you an example, imagine a sales manager has allotted targets of 100 people to his subordinates, keeping track of every employee's target while fetching new leads will not be something which is going to be easy to do manually, hence incorporating DMS plays a vital role in such situations. We strongly feel that time is money, time is as precious, if not more than money with regards to businesses.

DMS helps streamline operations to establish transparency and communication to support work especially in the rapidly growing market and cutthroat competition where businesses have to be built and run to perfection. A fully integrated system for parts ordering and customer management, which can be done through a dealer management system, is a useful and effective tool for providing services while mitigating costs. Tell us your thoughts on DMS in the comments below. We would love to hear your opinion!

Why is Apric DMS the DMS for your Dealership? You will look around to find thousands of different DMS near you. The question you need to ask yourself while choosing a DMS is “How will this company help my brand grow?”

Well, We have got you covered. Apric DMS is a personalized integrated customer relationship management solution for brands wanting to streamline and organize their business operations to establish a synergic relationship with their clients. It segregates data into customized segments which eases the screening process while maintaining total transparency in the company. Our premium omnichannel marketing classification keeps the customer in the loop on every step of their sales journey.

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