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Unlimited Websites

Design unlimited unique websites on a single account so you can keep all your work in one profile.

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Custom URL

Create a custom URL that reflects your work to the best of your abilities.

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Pre-Designed Themes

Choose from various pre-designed themes and styles that match your expectations

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Social Media Buttons

Divert your traffic seamlessly to all your socials through interactive social media buttons with in-built analytics

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Custom meta tags

Meta tags are key because they tell search engines what a page is about, hence custom meta tags are vital for you.

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Page View Analytics

Get daily updated page view analytics for your profile to monitor, track and calculate progress.

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Rich Editor Panel

A seamless design panel that helps you create exquisite masterpieces with unlimited choices and options.

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Custom Embeds

Directly embed content and media as per your liking, Just place the content, and voila! you are good to go.

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Custom Branding

Personalize everything, from your embeds to your text to resonate with your audience and branding.

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Smart Analytics

Get a 360° view of analytics for enhanced tracking. Triumph the alchemy of structure and strategy by leveraging data.

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Shared Access

Manage and work with multiple accounts. As an account holder, you have the liberty to grant certain access to others.

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Custom page design

Apric gives you the creative freedom to build highly personalized pages with minimal effort to reflect your branding.

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Removing branding

Withdraw the Apric branding to make your design to you and your brand.

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Image Uploading

Seamlessly upload, select and use images to showcase your authentic online persona to the world.

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Carousel of Images

For artists wanting to showcase their work or a freelancer wanting to upload an interactive portfolio, we’ve got you covered.

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Priority Support

After-sales Support is a vital quality criteria for us - towards our wonderful customers as well as our customer’s end consumers.

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Animate your buttons to hook your audience and encourage visitors to see what you have to offer.

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Section Dividers

Bifurcate your links to divide your audience’s attention so they can concentrate on one aspect at a time without getting distracted.

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